Top 4 Dog Training Tips

Jan 18, 2016

Man’s best friend, the loyal and lovable dog, wants to please his master and become the most obedient creature he can be. A well-trained canine is a marvel to behold. When it comes to dog training though, it’s the owner’s approach that will determine the results, not the dog’s! Once the owner is in the right frame of mind the dog can be trained to be the loving and compliant animal we all want.

The following tips are some of the best for training a dog and making it the best animal it can be:


Whether training a dog or trying to lose weight setting of goals is a prime importance. The old adage, “If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail”, certainly applies here. Without goals one is doomed to failure. Also, these goals need to be realistic. The dog will not be trained in a week, but in time the canine will make great strides. So make the goals attainable.

Being Positive

Positive reinforcement is the order of the day. A dog loves to be complimented. A treat when he or she does something good will make the dog respond to good behavior more readily. The dog can be punished when it exhibits bad behavior but it may just be better to reward the animal when it does well and forget about punishing it when it does something wrong.


The owner or master is the boss. The dogs needs to know this right from the start. Dogs have a herd mentality for the most part and look for a leader to guide them. This is the master’s job. There are several ways to show control to a dog. The dog should eat after his master. Also, create a feeding schedule and stick to it.


Being patient with the dog may be the biggest deal when training the animal. Shouting at the dog will do no good only hinder the training process. The training operation needs to be positive in all aspects. It will take the dog time to learn the commands and actions he or she needs to master. Being consistent and understanding will yield great results in the end.

Training a dog can be a rewarding experience for both dog and owner. Taking the time to instruct a canine in how to act will produce a loyal and obedient dog. A well-trained dog is a joy to be around and it will make its owner proud. So set goals, be positive, take control, use good timing and be patient with the animal. Working with a professional dog trainer will help both the owner and dog find a training plan that suits the needs of your pet and your family.