Dogs that are Groomed on a Regular Basis are Healthier

Jan 19, 2016

Sure, regular grooming makes your pet look great. But, it also promotes good health for the coat and skin and so much more. And, your dog’s regular groomer also keeps an eye out for potential changes in your pet as well.

Some of the day to day grooming maintenance can be done at home but finding a good dog grooming facility is an easy way to have your dog looking and feeling their best on a regular basis.

Consider finding a good dog grooming facility that also offers doggie daycare or dog lodging. You can drop off your dog for a day and have them get both a good playtime and grooming.

Dogs Who Need Regular Haircuts

While it is fairly obvious that many dogs require regular combing and, perhaps, haircuts, in fact, all dogs, purebred or mixed breed benefit from this type of care. Breeds such as Yorkshire terriers, shih tzus, maltese and poodles, more often than not, should have regular haircuts. To keep their hair long means daily comb outs. Without that, the hair will become tangled and can clump. This is not only uncomfortable for the dog, but can also harbor skin problems underneath including hot spots and worse.

Some people may bath their dogs without combing them out prior to the bath. While the intent is good, this not only tightens the matting, but prevents proper drying which can cause fungal infections to occur. For those who cannot keep up with their dog’s long hair, it is best to keep him cut shorter.

Shedding Dogs

Dogs that shed, large and small including German Shepherds, Labradors, corgis and more, need regular brushing to keep the dead hair cleaned out. Regular bathing helps keep the coat and skin clean and healthy. This can also keep your home cleaner and dander down, helping to prevent allergies and other issues for pets and their families.

Nail Care

Routine grooming not only takes care of a dog’s coat, but also paws and nails, eyes, ears and more. Toenails should be clipped and/or filed on a regular basis to prevent long growth that can alter the way a dog walks or cause irritation into the pads or other toes. Keeping the hair trimmed between the foot pads and toes is not only more comfortable, but also allows proper air circulation around the pads, which works as temperature control in dogs, helping to cool them.

Eyes and Ears

Eyes and ears are cleaned during grooming as well. Some dogs are more prone to eye irritation, especially in senior dogs. Keeping hair clipped short around the eyes, as well, as cleaning any debris away from the eye, aides in eye health. Cleaning out the ears helps prevent irritation and infection, but also allows for a check for ear mites or other problems. Some breeds tend to grow hair in the ear canal itself. This should be plucked out on a routine basis, as it can add to potential bacteria and infection.

Proper and regular grooming is a necessity for any dog’s health. But, it has other benefits as well. A clean dog is more likely to be loved and cuddled by his human family, which rewards his emotional health and makes for a happier pet.

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