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Excellence in Dog Training Through Proven Methods at Paw Commons Pet Resort in Kearny Mesa

Paw Commons Pet Resort provides Professional Dog Training in the San Diego community of Kearny Mesa convenient to Serra Mesa, Tierrasanta, and Clairemont Mesa East as well as near Mission Trails Regional Park, Admiral Baker Golf Course, and MCAS Miramar.

At Paw Commons Kearny Mesa, our dog training programs are designed to develop well-mannered dogs while accomplishing the specific behavioral goals, skills or certifications you desire for your dog. Our approach to dog training combines science, research and years of experience with industry best practices, including the Balance Method of dog training with a focus on relationship-based management.

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Dog trainer training a group of dogs

Professional Dog Trainers at Paw Commons Kearny Mesa

We often find that dog behaviors which are totally unacceptable to one client might be considered adorable by another. That’s why we start by meeting with you and your dog for a free evaluation. Together, we will put together a plan to address the issues, habits and boundaries that are right for your household.

We offer Overnight Training Camps, Group Classes, Private Lessons, Puppy Training and an extensive Working Dog program at our Kearny Mesa facility to meet the diverse needs and interests of our clients. One of our trainers will explain the differences and help you decide on the best fit.

The professional dog trainers at our Paw Commons Kearny Mesa facility are certified American Kennel Club (AKC) Evaluators and receive continuing education as members of the Association of Dog Training Professionals. Our team follows the same philosophy and approach consistently across our locations. We are constantly improving our methods and sharing our knowledge of animal training theory with each other – along with a few funny stories now and then!

Want to take a deep dive into our dog training philosophy?

Schedule a Free Dog Training Evaluation

When you trust the professional dog trainers at Paw Commons Kearny Mesa with your dog training needs, we will design a customized program to meet your goals and objectives. Years of experience have taught us that every relationship is unique – including your dog’s tendencies and abilities plus your own interests, tolerance levels and availability.

To get started, we offer a Free Evaluation where you and your dog will meet with one of our trainers for a half-hour session. We will learn about your situation, spend some time with your dog, and explain your role in the training process. Once we decide on a plan, it’s our job to teach your dog to self-regulate and think for themselves, and to equip you with clear expectations and the tools you need for sustainable success as you enjoy life together!

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Dog Training Services Provided at Paw Commons Kearny Mesa

We offer a variety of overnight training camps, group and individual lessons, puppy classes and working dog programs. Our dog training options range from basic obedience lessons and solving more challenging behavior problems to training for high-level service jobs and certifications. We also help your pet overcome issues such as potty training, jumping on people, pulling on a leash, barking and more. Our programs are customized to meet the needs of your household and are appropriate for dogs of any age.

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Overnight Dog Training Camp

Overnight Training Camps at our Paw Commons Kearny Mesa location provide 1-on-1 time with our trainers to work on resetting problematic behaviors and building positive habits. Just being immersed in a new environment with consistent routines often has a calming effect on dogs that helps jump-start their training. At the end of camp, we offer a Departure Lesson and two Follow-ups to show off what your dog has learned and to teach you how to maintain the consistency that’s key to your long-term success. 

The biggest difference between our three Overnight Training Camps is time – the amount of time spent with our trainers and away from home. Longer camps give us more opportunities to solidify learning through repetition and added distractions, with plenty of positive reinforcement. While your pet is staying with us for training, you will receive updates, photos and videos to keep you informed about their progress.

5 Week Overnight Camp

Obedience & Behavior Modification

Days of Training25+
Additional Lessons1 Departure Lesson (1 hour)
2 Follow-up Lessons (1 hour each)
ExtrasComplimentary bath in our doggie spa

4 Week Overnight Camp

Advanced Obedience Training

Days of Training20+
Additional Lessons1 Departure Lesson (1 hour)
2 Follow-up Lessons (1 hour each)
ExtrasComplimentary bath in our doggie spa

3 Week Overnight Camp

Focused Obedience Training

Days of Training15+
Additional Lessons1 Departure Lesson (1 hour)
2 Follow-up Lessons (1 hour each)
ExtrasComplimentary bath in our doggie spa

Private Dog Training Lessons in the Kearny Mesa Area

We offer private lessons for clients who are looking for a more hands-on dog training experience. When you tell us what specific skills or issues you want to address, we will lead you through each session with expert training techniques and guidance. Your teamwork will be rewarded as you strengthen your relationship with your dog and see behaviors improve. Call us to schedule your Free Dog Training Consultation!

Puppy Training Options

Puppy Kindergarten

Teach your puppy foundational skills for learning manners and boundaries. A series of LAB Sessions are included, where the trainer works with just your puppy in addition to their time in the daycare mix. It’s a good balance of group play and 1-on-1 attention with a trainer, with time at home each night.

Your puppy will be able to test for the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy certification after completing Puppy Kindergarten.

Full Days of Dog Daycare10
LAB Sessions (while at Daycare)5
Additional Lessons6 Private Lessons (1 hour)
Extras1-1 Groomer Consult & Premium Bath

Puppy Bootcamp

Give your puppy a jump start on learning new skills with our Puppy Bootcamp. This Two Week Overnight Camp offers a specialized curriculum focused on socialization, manners, and jump-starting your dog’s well-mannered foundation. A deposit of $250 is required for booking.

Days of Training10
Nights of Lodging14
Additional Lessons1 Departure Lesson (1 hour)
2 Follow-up Lessons (1 hour each)
ExtrasComplimentary bath in our doggie spa

Introducing Our All-New LAB Program

After months of meticulous planning and dedicated effort, we're proud to unveil a program that seamlessly blends the joy of play with the enrichment of learning. This innovative offering is the perfect synergy of our renowned training expertise, our love for fun-filled daycare activities, and our unwavering commitment to top-tier service for both you and your four-legged family members.

This program is more than just a course; it's a heart project, a culmination of our passion for enhancing the lives of our canine companions. We're beyond excited to share this journey with you and your furry friends.

Let's embark on this remarkable adventure together! Spots are filling up quickly, so don't miss out on this unique opportunity to enrich your dog's life in the most delightful way.

Why You'll Love Our Play & Train Program:

  • Tailored Training: Each session is carefully crafted to ensure your dog not only learns but thoroughly enjoys the process!
  • Expert Care: Our professional trainers are passionate about creating a positive, stimulating environment for your pup.
  • Fun Meets Learning: Watch as your dog's playtime transforms into a dynamic learning experience, teaching them valuable skills while they have a blast!
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Working Dog Program

Click below for information about our Working Dog program, including training classes for service, facility and therapy dogs or public access certification.

Meet Our Paw Commons Kearny Mesa Dog Trainers

Karena Marrero, Lead Trainer at Kearny Mesa

Karena Marrero, Lead Trainer, Paw Commons Kearny Mesa

Karena Marrero has been training dogs and birds for almost 9 years. Positive reinforcement is key but allowing the animal to have choice and control is paramount for their success. She is originally from Orlando, FL where she shared her passion for animals with hundreds of guests at a free flight bird show. Now she lives in sunny San Diego with her two dogs, Kevyn and Russell and two guinea pigs Karl and Fred.

Kayla Williams, Trainer at Kearny Mesa


Kayla Williams, born in the Bay Area, raised in sunny San Diego, has been training and helping dogs become the best versions of themselves for almost 3 years. Her spark started in 2020 after the passing of her family, 17-year-old Chihuahua/Jack Russell, Lizzie. She believes that training is not only teaching dogs how to behave at home but teaching owners how they can better connect with their pup! It is the small moments that make the biggest impact. She has experience training canines for service, advanced obedience, and behavior modification.

Outside of dog training, Kayla loves to hang out at home and have Nintendo Switch game nights with her friends.