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Superior Dog Daycare in Gilbert, AZ

Paw Commons Pet Resort Provides superior Dog Daycare in Gilbert, AZ near the Phoenix area communities  of Chandler and Mesa.  We're near Downtown Gilbert, Superstition Springs, San Tan Village, and Dobson Ranch.

Our Dog Daycare program is a mix of supervised interaction where dogs can have fun playing and enjoying activities together, with plenty of naps as needed. Rest assured that all of the dogs in our play programs have passed their day play evaluation and are separated by size and/or temperament. Our Pet Care Technicians are trained pack leaders who provide constant supervision and enjoy connecting with the dogs individually and as a group.

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Safe and Fun Dog Daycare at Paw Commons in Gilbert, AZ

At Paw Commons, your dog will stay busy, active and entertained in our dog daycare program –  Ready to go home and relax with you at the end of the day. Our trusted daycare programs feature:

Staff playing with dogs in daycare
  • Indoor Group Play area with separate areas for small and large dogs, including an outdoor play area featuring splash pools
  • Climate-controlled facilities
  • Free play and fun activities including play structures, bubble time, toy time, and movie time for plenty of opportunities to socialize and burn off some energy
  • Lunch breaks available for a $5 fee. Your dog will enjoy a private suite for eating in peace, with time to relax before rejoining the group daycare yard. Bring your dog’s own food or opt for our Fromm house food.
  • Fresh water always available
  • Daycare yard with many spaces to rest or take a nap, including play structures, comfy cots, and couches
  • Day Boarding is a private option for unaltered pets or pets who prefer humans over other dogs. Limited availability. Includes a one-on-one play session with a trained staff person, a private suite and potty breaks throughout the day
  • Webcams are password protected and provide pet parents with a sneak peek at the indoor group play yards during normal business hours
  • Day Play Evaluations with temperament assessments are required for all group players. An individual play option is offered for pets who are not suited to a group play environment
  • Smaller dogs will enjoy separate play yards with appropriately sized play structures and accessible drinking water

Benefits of Dog Daycare

As loving pet parents, we all desire to consistently give our pets the care and attention they need and deserve. But when life happens and we have to focus on other commitments such as work, school, errands, medical needs or social outings, sometimes we need a trusted partner to help out. That’s where our dog daycare programs at Paw Commons Gilbert come in. Whether your dog’s attendance is daily, weekly or on an as-needed basis, we offer a fun, safe environment for your dog to enjoy and peace of mind for you.

Dogs are social creatures and benefit from regular interaction with other dogs, and they also need plenty of exercise. When they are home alone all day, a lot of dogs develop a sedentary lifestyle. But just like humans, our pets are better off with a little more activity and a little less couch time. And if they’re not lying around when you’re gone all day, their boredom may turn into mischief around the house. As they say – if you don’t give your dog a job to do, they will become self-employed!

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sat: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sun: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM


All daycare guests may start arriving as soon as we open during normal business hours

All daycare guests must be picked up before we close during normal business hours

We know you're busy, so our goal is to make your check-in as easy as possible. Submit your pet's registration forms before you arrive.

Dog Daycare Rules & Rates at Paw Commons in Gilbert, AZ

  • All dogs must pass our Day Play Evaluation to be qualified as a compatible group player before joining us for daycare.
  • The Day Play Evaluation is a scheduled 4 hour assessment during which we will introduce your dog to our daycare program with a slow acclimation to the group play setting. You will meet with our Daycare Evaluator to review your pup’s first day after the evaluation and talk about what services are recommended based on their result.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered if over 7 months old to participate in daycare.
  • All dogs must be up to date on required immunizations.
  • Day Play Evaluation - $20 (4 hours)

Half Day (0-4 HOURS)

  • Single Day – $29
  • 10-day Paw Pass - $233*
  • 20-Day Paw Pass - $382*

* 10 Day Paw Pass valid for 90 days. 20 Day Paw Pass valid for 120 days.

Full Day (4–12 HOURS)

  • Single Day – $37
  • 10-Day Paw Pass - $302*
  • 20-Day Paw Pass - $488*

* 10 Day Paw Pass valid for 90 days. 20 Day Pass Pass valid for 120 days

Unlimited Monthly Membership

  • First Dog – $477
  • Second Dog – $212

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Daycare at Paw Commons - Gilbert