Choosing the Right Boarding Facility for Your Dog

Jan 18, 2016

A person’s dog is a very much loved part of the family. When it comes time to take a vacation, or if an emergency arises, it isn’t always easy to take them along. As a pet owner, the main priority is finding a lodging facility that meets the animal’s needs. The question which normally arises is what facility is the best for each individual pet.

Dog Boarding / Pet Resorts

Non-traditional lodging facilities have the ability to cater to each pet. Pets are allowed to bring their own bedding and toys and often have the run of the facility if they interact well with other animals. These non-traditional facilities often have less animals, allowing more time to be spent with each pet in a one on one atmosphere. In addition, may custom tailor their services so you pet can be as well taken care of as you would like.

Cleanliness of the Facility

No matter where a pet is lodged it is always a good idea to check the cleanliness of the facility before placing a pet in their care. Suites should be cleaned daily. Water should be changed daily and food dishes kept clean and free from debris. A good dog lodging facility should be open to letting you tour the facility before having your dog come stay.

Cater to the Needs of Each Pet

Find a dog boarding facility that offers play time so you dog can have plenty of social interaction with the staff and their four legged friends. Making sure each pet feels secure should be one of the goals of whoever is watching your dog.

Ability to Exercise

Dogs need exercise. Dogs should be allowed to walk and run for a few minutes off and on throughout the day. They also should have ample play time to keep their cardiovascular system in top working order.

A pet owner knows their animal better than anyone else. Choosing a good dog boarding facility means understanding the animals’ needs and placing them accordingly. They should be made as comfortable as possible and have adequate amounts of human contact.

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