Best Dog Beaches in San Diego

Jun 13, 2018

Summer is fast approaching in San Diego and with it both locals and tourist flock to our many beaches. Many would love for their dogs to tag along but are not sure where to go. If you plan to bring your furry pup with you on your beach excursion, ensure you find local spots that will allow you to bring your beloved canine. Several great San Diego beaches along the coast do allow our precious pups but some have strict rules and guidelines regarding leashes and times dogs are allowed on the beach area. It is especially important to take note of these rules during busy tourist seasons such as the summertime as leash policies and times are enforced more strictly. It is also encouraged that puppies not finished with their puppy vaccines stay away for their own protection due to the high volume of dogs they can come into connect with at certain beach areas. It is also important that during the busy summer season all dogs have their county rabies license on their person due to County rules/regulations. Below we list a few of the more popular dog-friendly beach and bay destinations throughout the San Diego area.

Dog Beach in Ocean Beach

With a leash free policy, no time restriction for when dogs can be on the beach, and a beach open 24/7 this is a great spot to roam with your beloved pooch. There is also a grassy picnic area on the opposite side of the parking lot for beach goers and their pups to enjoy as well. Surfers also frequent this spot as well. Enjoy a beach stroll with your pup or hangout on the beach and watch surfers and other beach goers. This is a great doggie beach to visit this San Diego summer.

Dog Island in Fiesta Island

Located a few miles away from San Diego’s iconic Mission Beach sits Fiesta Island. Fiesta Island is a semi-fenced in area allowing dogs to run miles of open land as well as jump into the cool water that surrounds the small island. The whole island is dog friendly! If you and your furry friend are on an unfenced area of the island ensure you keep a close lookout they do not stray to far. This is for the safety of both your pooch and others. There are cars, bikes and other vehicles constantly on the road around the inner island at all times. There are also areas on the island where you can have bonfires at designated spots. Enjoy a day in the sun with your family and pets and then watch the sun set over a bonfire and a s’more or two. Keep in mind though there are certain times of the year where the park is closed for special events, such as over the line. This dog friendly island opens at 6am and closes every night at 10pm.

Coronado Dog Beach

Picturesque Coronado beach is leash free year round on the western part of the beach. Locals and tourists can find and stay within the leash free zone by the signs that run along Ocean Blvd. from Sunset Park on Ocean Drive all the way to the border of the United States Naval Station. Parking is available along Ocean Boulevard. If you park over in this area keep in mind it is a bit of a walk to reach the leash free area of the beach. For this reason ensure your pup remains on their leash until you reach the leash free area of the beach. Coronado Animal patrol holds a zero-tolerance policy for unleashed dogs outside of the leash free area. The dog beach in Coronado is also open 24/7! Enjoy the beach with your pup surrounded by beautiful sights such as the point Loma skyline this San Diego summer.

Dog Beach in Del Mar/Solana Beach

Very beautiful area to take your pup, but some parking does require payment. This beach is leash-free September-June 13th and is limited to the area South of 15th street and North of 29th street. All other times during the year, dogs are welcome but they must be on a leash. While the rules for our doggie friends are a bit stricter here it is still a great spot to frequent with your furry friend if you live or are visiting the northern area of San Diego County.

Cardiff State Beach

Great place to take your dog, but at this time there are no leash-free areas. Dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed. If you have never visited Cardiff State Beach, this is a beautiful and unique destination to walk and explore with your furry companion.

La Jolla Shores Beach

Great spot to do some sightseeing or just a morning walk. While there are no leash free areas, dogs are allowed on a leash from 6pm to 9am. Take your pup on a stroll through the beach and then check out the Children’s pool and La Jolla Coves. While there are no leash free areas and time restrictions, La Jolla is still a beautiful and unique area to explore and see new sights for tourists and locals alike.

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