Puppy Training – It’s a Family Affair!

May 30, 2018

If you recently got a new puppy, your new pet may be in need of some training. One key thing many pet parents miss is involving the whole family in the process of training your family’s new puppy. The whole family includes your children, spouse or significant other, and sometimes even roommates. If your children are old enough to walk the new puppy or help you with anything regarding your new puppy (i.e bath time, feeding time, walks ect.) it is important they are apart of the training process. Anyone that will be spending a lot of time with the puppy or living in the same household as the puppy should be included in the training process.

It is ideal for all to attend the dog training sessions. If one or more cannot make it, it is up to the pet parent(s) who did attended the class to fill in everyone else. It is also imperative they practice with them so everyone stays on the same page during the next class session. If everyone understands the training then everyone will in turn be using those dog training techniques at home which then helps to re-enforce good behavior. This may seem tedious and overwhelming to keep everyone in the loop if you have a large family, but the pay off will be rewarded in having a well-behaved and perfectly mannered pup.

Puppy training classes will teach new pet parents and their pets the basics they need to know. Beginning puppy classes will focus on such areas as potty training, crate training, sit, stay, and down. Each puppy is unique and different and may need extra training in certain areas. On the other hand some pups may need continued training to work on other behaviors such as: counter surfing, barking, unwanted chewing, and jumping.

We suggest new pet parents try our own San Diego dog trainer Christie Branch. Christie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science she received from Virginia Tech, and has numerous years of experience as a successful dog trainer in San Diego. Her training varies from good behavior (sit, stay, heel, down) to working with and helping nervous/shy puppies and older dogs alike. Christie currently offers training certain days of the week at all three of our San Diego County based locations: Bay Park, Hillcrest, and Encinitas.

Types of Training

  • Free Evaluation: Christie offers a free 30-minute evaluation/consultation where you both have the opportunity to express concerns and questions on how Christie can help with your puppy training needs.
  • Puppy 101 & 202: These classes are offered in a group or private sessions with Christie to learn and go over basic commands such as: sit, stay, down, etc.
  • In-Home Training: These are private classes offered at the client’s home to work on any training their new puppy may need.
  • Private Training: These classes are one-on-one with Christie to go over any dog training your puppy may need. They are offered at all three locations (Bay park, Hillcrest, and Encinitas), times and days may vary.
  • The Lab: We just recently rolled out our new training sessions, “The Lab”, at our Encinitas location. These classes enable past clients who have worked with Christie to come back and continue education on any training they may need (i.e. sit, stay, heel, leash pulling, counter surfing, ect.). New Clients may enroll after their pet meets special criteria with our dog trainer Christie. All our training sessions such as these are customized to fit the client and the pup’s needs. As such The Lab sessions can span from 3-6 and 9 months. Training for The Lab will be held every Friday at our Encinitas location. For these dog-training sessions pet parents do not need to stay for every session but may attend 2 of the 4 sessions each month they are in training. Pet parents who enroll in The Lab will also receive special discounts on lodging, daycare, retail and grooming.

Don’t wait; call now to book your Free Evaluation with Christie today!