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Ryan Cambio Gilbert Trainer Spotlight

March 8, 2019

Ryan Cambio with dog


How long have you been involved in dog training?

I started training dogs in 2004. I’ve been training dogs for 15 years.

What is your favorite aspect of dog training?

My favorite aspect is watching dogs and owners who struggle initially, make leaps and bounds through their training program, and seeing all the hard work and dedication from all involved, pay off.

Why is dog training important to you?

Dog training is important to me, because it is essential to better strengthen communication between humans and their canine comrades. A well-trained dog is one who doesn’t have to be placed in circumstances that may be uncomfortable for him, and cause him to react or be in discomfort. Instead, they are able to use their skills or cues like tools, to better themselves and their actions in any given situation.

Do you have your own personal philosophy in regards to dog training?

It is vital that a dog has a solid understanding of the criteria, of what’s being asked of them before we as humans can expect them to perform the behavior. All behaviors and commands should be taught with utilizing what motivates the dog, whether it be a ball, a tug toy or yummy treats! Only once the dog has a solid understanding of what the behavior we’re asking for is, can we tell them they were correct, or incorrect.

Do you own any dogs of your own? Tell me about them.

I own 4 dogs, 3 Rottweilers, and a Chocolate Labrador. Aero, Ruza and Fyre are my Rottweilers, and Freddie is my Chocolate Labrador. All of my dogs hold numerous performance and working titles, and Aero is a show Grand Champion and Ruza is a show Champion. Aero and Fyre also work as therapy dogs with special needs students, and love every minute of it!