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Gilbert Dog Training

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Dog Training in Scottsdale AZ

It’s common to struggle with dog behavioral problems, which can have a serious impact on an owner’s life and relationships. Perhaps your dog has trouble walking calmly on a leash, jumps onto you and other people or experiences separation anxiety. Maybe you have a new puppy who could use some extra obedience training.

This is where our professional dog trainers can help. Our comprehensive training program starts with a free, one-on-one evaluation. Your trainer will listen to your needs and, using feedback from the evaluation, provide your dog with their own custom training plan. This will strategically:

  • Find the root of the behavioral problems
  • Teach dogs to obey verbal commands
  • Ensure that the training and coaching sticks

Learn more about our dog training here.

Call our location to learn more and have your dog evaluated now (480) 371-2054.

Trainer working with 2 rotweillers

Free Dog Training Evaluation

Please call or visit one of our locations to set up an appointment with one of our professional dog trainers.

Ryan Cambio, Scottsdale Trainer

Dog Training Rates

PUPPY 101 & PUPPY 202 (Dogs Under 1-Year Only)


Training Forms

Gilbert Trainer, Ryan Cambio

Ryan began working with dogs in 2006 in rural Ohio, volunteering for the local humane society, to work with their “unadoptable” dogs, to help them become ready for homes and their lives beyond the shelter. It was there he became more interested in the training side of things and began working with a then-small service dog organization. Over the years, Ryan has continued to further his training and behavior education and has gained a wealth of experience in multiple dog training fields, including therapy and service dog training, animal acting, and companion dog training. With his personal dogs, Ryan competes in multiple dog sports and continues animal acting. To date, his dogs have been on the front door of PetSmart’s across the country, in commercials, video shoots, and dozens of print ads. His Rottweiler, Aero, is breaking breed stereotypes all over, and is an exceptional therapy dog, working with high school students in Phoenix with special needs.

Ryan Cambio, Scottsdale Trainer